Average Life

Average Life Installation

An audiovisual installation with gifs that process the images used in average life in various ways. Audio is still in production, but will process images and translate it into sound within a tonal spectrum defined by the artist.

Original size is:

  • part 1: 800px x 800px, consisting of 4 animated gifs sized 400 x 400 px.
  • part 2: 631px x 631px gif, changing every 4,5 seconds randomly. If you view this on mobile you're watching a resized version.

The installation consist of a constellation of 5 animated gifs:

  • gif 1: Shows the construction of the average from all individual pictures in a low resolution. It shows a simultaneous process of construction and destruction.
  • gif 2: Shows simplified versions of all pictures of the particular life event, constructed with other pictures that have been randomly picked in function of the contrast in the image, from all other pictures (approximately 63000 pictures).
  • gif 3: Shows the artist's favourite four pictures in the life event, in a constant rotation. A subjective average.
  • gif 4: Shows the pure creation of the average in a low resolution.
  • gif 5: Shows the Average Ape Punk, a pure image of the PUER AETERNUS.

The setup of this installation as a polyptich, refers to the tradition of painting in a more religious (European) context. The gifs have been positioned in a cross formation, and the individual animations also rotate, giving some extra symbolical layers of meaning to the underlying process of creating [average life] and the impossible quest of trying to capture or summarize life in a visual way.

It also refers to the 'cycle of life', patterns within patterns.

Average Life could be called a coming of age story; it's a testament to the awakening awareness concerning the activity of the PUER AETERNUS archetype in my life. On the left the installation depicts the struggle with reality, the conscious efforts to overcome the domination of subconscious irrational forces by conscious efforts. On the right a pure PUER AETERNUS product is shown, an explosion of color and motion in an ever changing fantastic realm. The sky is the limit. The force of creation can't be pinned down in a singular form. This is the divine child in all its glory. My soul covers both the extremes and the whole spectrum in between, and I hope this installation manages to show a glimpse of it.